October 28, 2010

Review: Benefit "Confessions of a Concealaholic" & "Her name was Glowla" kits

Hi ladies! I'm in Love with these two kits, so I thought I would share with you my experience with them! I'm sorry for the quality of the swatches, but I haven't figure out how to take good pictures of them... It's always blurry and washed out... a real mess!
I'm going to do a little review to every products on these kits, and I'll try not to ramble that much on them (: 

Confessions of a Concealaholic kit

If you are a fan of concealer or if you have been curious about Benefit concealers but just don't want to spend all that money and then be disappointed, I think you should buy this kit! (Mine looks all messy. I had this for quiet a while now...)

  1. Boi-ing - This is an industrial strength concealer, what it means is that it's a full coverage concealer. It hides all the imperfections perfectly... break outs, bruises, redness etc. It doesn't cake up or goes too oily on me. I put on my dark eye circles too, but it isn't that great for that to be honest. It's creamy but not heavy, and a little goes a long way. It comes in two shades in this kit 01 and 02. 
  2. Eye-Bright -  The full size product it's a pencil. It supposed to brighten up the eye are. I use this over my concealer and foundation and it really brights up my eyes and makes them look wide awake. I really like this product, and I'll be repurchasing it!
  3. Lemon aid - I don't have much to say about this product. It's a concealer for your eyelids basically. It's supposed to hide the redness and it can be applied as a shadow base... For me it creases, so I don't use it that much.
  4.  Erase Paste - I wish this came in a lighter color because I really like this product. It's a thicker concealer than boi-ing, but if you put just a little it will erase all your nasty dark-circles away (: The shade  available in this kit it's 02-medium and it wayy to dark for me.. that's why I don't use it as much as I want:

   5.   That Gal primer - I think a lot of people don't understand the purpose of this primer. This isn't supposed to make your foundation last longer, it's purpose it's to make your skin look more radiant and to help the foundation application smoother. It can be applied before or after foundation or it can be mixed with it. I always use this mixed with MAC Studio Sculpt, because it makes the foundation a lot better looking. But I like applying with before foundation as well. It's just another product that I'll be buying forever as well! 

    6.  These are just two little brushes that you can apply the products with. I actually like them, especially to apply eye bright!

     Her Name Was Glowla kit

    This kit has become my favorite kit or make-up of all time!! I could only live with this kit make-up wise (and some foundation) and I would be happy! I wanted to show you more swatches, but my camera wasn't picking up any colors and was not focusing... But I gotta tell you that I don't regret any single dollar I spent on this kit!

    1. Coralista Blush -  Since I got this kit, I've only been wearing one blush... this one. I thought it wouldn't look that good on me because it's a peachy-coral color, and usually only light pink blushes look most natural on me, but this one it's just a must! You can build it up as much as you want without looking too over powering and even if you just put a little on your cheeks it will give you the most natural yet sexy flush. Love it!!!
    2. (left to right) Passion pearl, Peachy sheen, Terracotta satin, Steamy copper, Deep bronze - I never used eye shadows before... I never thought it would look really that great on me, and on an everyday basis I think it's too much to wear. But this colors are just lovely. They are a little shimmery but not too much.. and even when I only use one, the effect it's gorgeous! Also, they last all they without any primer!!! I wish I could show you some swatches, but my camera didn't pick up these beautiful colors. I'll try to show you some looks with them later though! My favorite colors without a doubt it's steamy copper and deep bronze! I love wearing deep bronze as a liner and steamy copper as an all over the lid color, gorgeous!
    3. Badgal Lash (Black) - The hype over this mascara it's true. Best mascara I've ever tried. It doesn't smudge or clump. You'll have longer and fuller lashes in no time! Definitely will buy the full size one!
    4. Lipgloss "Life on the A list" - This was the first time I used a Benefit lipgloss and I was impressed! It has a yummy taste and lasts a long time without drying your lips! It has shimmer to it and a subtle pink-peachy color. I really like it!
    5. HighBeam - This is a highlighter with iridescent pink undertones, perfect for highlighting the cheeks and the nose!
    6. MoonBeam - Similar to the previous one but instead it has gold undertones, I think I like this best, but the two are just gorgeous!
    7. Fluffy and angled brush - I used them with the eye shadows and I love it!!
    So this was my review of these two kits. I'm sorry there's no swatches, but as I said before my camera sucks sometimes :P
    I think that these are must have kits. Especially the second one. It's my favorite! I wish it wasn't limited edition because it would be something I would be always buying! Because Christmas is coming up, they're having a promo going one where if you order "Her Name was Glowla" you'll have free shipping! I have the link on top of my blog if you want to use the promo (:

    If you have any questions or anything feel free to tell me <3 **


    Janaina said...

    Great review! Loving the look of the 'Her name is Glowla' kit! Would make a great Christmas present for someone! x

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, i really like that Her Name Was Glowla kit! amazing, seems very good to buy for myself.=)

    Shout it said...

    i loved the pallete of colors *.*


    Ansa said...

    Great reivew. I want Her Name Was Glowla kit. Sounds amazing.

    All Made Up said...

    fantastic review! I dont imagine I'd use more than half the products in each palette so it wouldnt be good value for money for me but I'd nearly be tempted to buy these simply because they look gorgeous and the packaging is really cute :)


    beckiangel44 said...

    Great review! I have the Concealaholic and i'm really impressed :) xo

    ♥ Stacey ♥ said...

    Great review hun, I'd have a go at using all of it. Bo-ing is one of my favourite concealers too!


    Steph said...

    I'm not a make-up addict, but I would love to have that last kit. From your review, I can tell it's perfect. Another thing to add om my Christmas list ;).

    Jessica said...

    OMG I just saw the Glowla kit yesterday at Macys and almost purchased it! I love the colors! I think I might go back and get it now :) teehee

    Marisa said...

    You should really give it a try girls, even if you're not into eye shadows like me, you'll love it ;)

    Anna Saccone said...

    Absolutely great review, thank you so much! And lovely pictures :)

    Sónia said...

    ow, i love it!!!!!!


    Caitlin said...

    omg, the Her Name Is Glowla kit looks fantastic! xo

    Mandy said...

    so lovely :D <3

    Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

    What's a good concealer for under eye circles if not Bo-ing. I am really looking for one and was going to go for that but now I'm not sure....

    The "macro" setting (it's probably the one that looks like a flower) is how you can take very close up but detailed shots in high quality :)

    Great reviews Marisa!

    Anonymous said...

    Just wanna thank you for stopping by my blog! xoxo

    Toni Tralala said...

    I want to have that! I've been hearing so much about it! :)