October 28, 2010

Review: Benefit "Confessions of a Concealaholic" & "Her name was Glowla" kits

Hi ladies! I'm in Love with these two kits, so I thought I would share with you my experience with them! I'm sorry for the quality of the swatches, but I haven't figure out how to take good pictures of them... It's always blurry and washed out... a real mess!
I'm going to do a little review to every products on these kits, and I'll try not to ramble that much on them (: 

Confessions of a Concealaholic kit

If you are a fan of concealer or if you have been curious about Benefit concealers but just don't want to spend all that money and then be disappointed, I think you should buy this kit! (Mine looks all messy. I had this for quiet a while now...)

  1. Boi-ing - This is an industrial strength concealer, what it means is that it's a full coverage concealer. It hides all the imperfections perfectly... break outs, bruises, redness etc. It doesn't cake up or goes too oily on me. I put on my dark eye circles too, but it isn't that great for that to be honest. It's creamy but not heavy, and a little goes a long way. It comes in two shades in this kit 01 and 02. 
  2. Eye-Bright -  The full size product it's a pencil. It supposed to brighten up the eye are. I use this over my concealer and foundation and it really brights up my eyes and makes them look wide awake. I really like this product, and I'll be repurchasing it!
  3. Lemon aid - I don't have much to say about this product. It's a concealer for your eyelids basically. It's supposed to hide the redness and it can be applied as a shadow base... For me it creases, so I don't use it that much.
  4.  Erase Paste - I wish this came in a lighter color because I really like this product. It's a thicker concealer than boi-ing, but if you put just a little it will erase all your nasty dark-circles away (: The shade  available in this kit it's 02-medium and it wayy to dark for me.. that's why I don't use it as much as I want:

   5.   That Gal primer - I think a lot of people don't understand the purpose of this primer. This isn't supposed to make your foundation last longer, it's purpose it's to make your skin look more radiant and to help the foundation application smoother. It can be applied before or after foundation or it can be mixed with it. I always use this mixed with MAC Studio Sculpt, because it makes the foundation a lot better looking. But I like applying with before foundation as well. It's just another product that I'll be buying forever as well! 

    6.  These are just two little brushes that you can apply the products with. I actually like them, especially to apply eye bright!

     Her Name Was Glowla kit

    This kit has become my favorite kit or make-up of all time!! I could only live with this kit make-up wise (and some foundation) and I would be happy! I wanted to show you more swatches, but my camera wasn't picking up any colors and was not focusing... But I gotta tell you that I don't regret any single dollar I spent on this kit!

    1. Coralista Blush -  Since I got this kit, I've only been wearing one blush... this one. I thought it wouldn't look that good on me because it's a peachy-coral color, and usually only light pink blushes look most natural on me, but this one it's just a must! You can build it up as much as you want without looking too over powering and even if you just put a little on your cheeks it will give you the most natural yet sexy flush. Love it!!!
    2. (left to right) Passion pearl, Peachy sheen, Terracotta satin, Steamy copper, Deep bronze - I never used eye shadows before... I never thought it would look really that great on me, and on an everyday basis I think it's too much to wear. But this colors are just lovely. They are a little shimmery but not too much.. and even when I only use one, the effect it's gorgeous! Also, they last all they without any primer!!! I wish I could show you some swatches, but my camera didn't pick up these beautiful colors. I'll try to show you some looks with them later though! My favorite colors without a doubt it's steamy copper and deep bronze! I love wearing deep bronze as a liner and steamy copper as an all over the lid color, gorgeous!
    3. Badgal Lash (Black) - The hype over this mascara it's true. Best mascara I've ever tried. It doesn't smudge or clump. You'll have longer and fuller lashes in no time! Definitely will buy the full size one!
    4. Lipgloss "Life on the A list" - This was the first time I used a Benefit lipgloss and I was impressed! It has a yummy taste and lasts a long time without drying your lips! It has shimmer to it and a subtle pink-peachy color. I really like it!
    5. HighBeam - This is a highlighter with iridescent pink undertones, perfect for highlighting the cheeks and the nose!
    6. MoonBeam - Similar to the previous one but instead it has gold undertones, I think I like this best, but the two are just gorgeous!
    7. Fluffy and angled brush - I used them with the eye shadows and I love it!!
    So this was my review of these two kits. I'm sorry there's no swatches, but as I said before my camera sucks sometimes :P
    I think that these are must have kits. Especially the second one. It's my favorite! I wish it wasn't limited edition because it would be something I would be always buying! Because Christmas is coming up, they're having a promo going one where if you order "Her Name was Glowla" you'll have free shipping! I have the link on top of my blog if you want to use the promo (:

    If you have any questions or anything feel free to tell me <3 **

    October 25, 2010

    Book Review: French Women Don't Sleep Alone

    Let me start by saying that, if you know me at all, you'll know that I have an obsession with the French culture. It's no surprise for anyone that my greatest role model since my early teens it's Brigitte Bardot... and she's French.. off-course.
    I had three years of French classes in middle school, and I don't remember anything, that's why I'm starting to learn the language by myself..  I have to buy more books and dictionaries of the French language, and I have to have more time to study it.. It will take sometime, but I'm sure I'll do it.

    I love the French culture.. the women are just gorgeous and full of charm...I own a lot of books about France and Brigitte Bardot... But I wanted to go deeper and find some books that would be fun and light to read and at the same time full of secrets and facts about the French.

    So I decided to buy this book by Jamie Cat Callan And I loved it!
    I wasn't planning on making a post about it, my blog is mainly about beauty and fashion, but this book was so fun and inspired me so much that I wanted to share with you girls how cute this book is! And beauty it's not only about clothes and make-up, it's about brains and feeling great about ourselves, and this book teaches you that!

    The whole inspiration behind this book it's the author's French grandmother. She always was a mystery to her and the French women were too. After her grandmother died, Jamie Cat Callan decided to go to France and interview French women and men, to go deeper into French culture and to reveal French women beauty secrets.
    This book could be called a "dating book" but for me it's not. I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years so I don't think I need dating advice, I think it's for every women who wants to feel more comfortable in her own skin as well.
    I think that when you love yourself and respect yourself for who you are, your boyfriend/Husband or even friends and family begin to love you even more, because our outlook in life change completely. and I think that this book helped me a little bit more with that.
    I'm going to try and share with you my favorite parts of the book instead of resuming the whole thing (: And I hope you too get inspired as much as I did... Even though I'll recommend you all to read this book!

    She show us how French women always feel beautiful on their own skin, and that's why they are so beautiful and charming: 

    - " Here's the truth: French women are no more beautiful than we are. They just think they are. (...) As simples as it sounds, it's the same paradigm when it comes to beauty. If you believe you are beautiful, you take better care of yourself. You become more conscious, you dress better, you spend money on yourself. You feel worthy of all these attentions. You actually wear less make-up, because you can see yourself. It all begins with a small change, Perhaps emphasize those fabulous long lashes with some mascara. Add a little lip-gloss. Skip the blush and the blue eyeshadow. Remember moderation is the key."

    Some fashion tips from French women, how they can be sexy yet classy without being trashy:

    -" She dresses well, even sexy, but won't overdo it. She chooses one part of her body to show off - Perhaps her legs. So, she'll wear a short skirt with boots, paired with an oversized sweater. Or she'll show a little cleavage, but wear a long skirt. She wants to get attention but the right kind of attention."

    The importance of being smart:

    -"The French believe that being smart is sexy. They don't hide their brains the way we often do in America. The French just don't fall for the "dumb blonde" thing. Their blondes are both brainy and beautiful. (...) French women see intellectual rigor almost as important as their beauty regime. It's not enough to look seductive; you have to be cultured as well."

    The eyeglasses thing which I found really funny because I made a post about it to:

    -"In France, there are so many women wearing eyeglasses. You would think there was a terrible shortage on contact lenses. But no. French women like to wear glasses. It makes them look smart, but it also makes them look interesting. And yes, mysterious."

    Another fashion tips which I found really helpful: 

    -"Basically, you are simply using the power of theater and costume to create a mood. France is a theatrical culture. Subtlety is the key here, because if you allude to a fantasy, character, or era too literally, the game is up. Rather it must be done with great care. The idea is to start with a very basic pallet: good lingerie, simples (mostly solid colored) skirts, jeans, dresses, pants, and tops. Then, add accessories (scarves, jewelery,jackets, belts, boots and shoes) that will create a focal point and reveal your individuality. "

    There's a lot more in this book, it has recipes for delicious French foods, how to prepare dinner parties, the importance of lingerie and secret gardens!! It's a really light read as I told you before, I read the whole book in less than two days because I was so excited and I loved it so much.. It even has a list of books and movies to read and watch! It's a really helpful and fun book to read that I recommend to any woman (:

    I bought mine from amazon.com because this book isn't available in my country. If you're in the UK or the US I think you can find this book at any book store or you can buy it online as I did just click the picture bellow:

    French Women Don't Sleep Alone

     "You may not have a drop of French blood in your body, but you can still be a "French Woman". The truth is, we are all a little French when it comes to love and romance.That's because the French culture is a culture of femininity and beauty, so it rightfully belongs to all women of the world and it's outs to claim as our own."

    October 22, 2010

    Outfit of the Day & Blog Award!

    I don't usually do these kind of posts because I don't have that unique or original sense of style. I just wear what I think looks good on me, even if it's out of style or even if it's too plain. I tried to do this post before, but I look so vain and full of myself in the pictures that I was too embarrassed to post them ahaha but oh well, I'm not vain or full of myself anyway, so who cares?!

     (excuse the pose, I was trying to show you the boots ahahaha see what I meant by full of myself? )

    Sweater- Bershka
    Jeans- Bershka
    Jacket- Pimkie
    Boots- Stradivarious
    Bag- Misako
    Earring- a local store from Greece 
    Sunglasses- H&M
    Fragrance: Curious by Britney Spears
    Today was a simple day, I wanted to feel comfortable and warm. I have been with a sore throat that's why I had to wear this turtle neck sweater. This sweater it's perfect for fall because it's not too warm or cold. My favorite kind of sweaters are the long ones, so this is one of them. It's see through a little, so I had to wear a sports bra underneath it.I had to wake up pretty early and it was freezing outside, so this warm jacket was perfect to keep me warm. I like to dress comfortable but yet classy. I think the leather bag always adds up that chick feeling to my outfit, even if it's just a basic one. 
    The dark washed jeans are my favorite pair actually, they are boot cut, so I had to tuck them into my boots! Bershka has the best and cheapest jeans out there!
    In terms of accessories, you can't see it in these pictures, but I only wore these silver and turquoise earrings that were bought in Greece by my mom's friend, off-course I had to stole the earring from my mom, they are so cute! Then I just wore my everyday sunglasses, and the book I always carry on my bag has become an accessory for me too (:
    I thought it would be cool to add my fragrance of the day as well! I don't really like this one, but it's part of my project pan, so I'm trying to finish this perfume and two more so I can buy the ones I really enjoy!  

    I didn't wear any make-up, usually I like to wear just a little because I think we should always look our best, but I wasn't feeling so good.
    And that's it! I hope you liked this post, I'll see if I'll do more of these later!

    By the way, the lovely Rebecca tagged me with this pretty cool Award  for Versatil Blogger! That's pretty cool, Thank you so much!! She has an amazing blog where she posts Outfits Of The Day all the time! She has an unique sense of style and her blog is awesome! Go check her out here

    I want to pass it to Steph, go check her blog too!

    Have a great weekend <3 xoxo*

    October 19, 2010

    Review: WAXdrop Candles

    As I said before, I love candles. I think that it doesn't matter how moody or sad you are, if you light up a candle, it just makes you feel better. Especially scented ones.
    Here in Portugal there aren't that many companies that sells GOOD scented candles, it's very rare... So I've been searching online for some candles that would be scented and not so expensive. I didn't find anything! Some people on youtube are advertising some companies, but their shipping prices are scary, so I gave up.

    Until I saw a video of TheBombshellSuit talking about her friend's candles, and I had to check out her store.
    I was in Love! The scents were fun and original, and the candles were so affordable and the shipping rates as well!

    So I ordered just one candle, I wanted to try them before really committing to them. I order the scent "Bamboo Rain" which she describes as "A calming scent of bamboo, crisp green foliage topped off with notes of a light sexy musk and downpour of fresh rainfall. Extremely soothing and sensual." 
    I don't like food scents on candles because they just make me wanna eat more, my favorite scents for perfumes and candles are musky, oriental, floral and earthy scents. This candles it's definitely an earthy/floral scent with a hint of musk to it, I love it!
    The scent it's not overpowering at all. You don't even have to burn the candle to feel the beautiful scent... It lasts a long time in my room and the candle burns really clean.

    I love how simple and beautiful the candles look. That crystallized look to it it's just gorgeous! The best thing about them it's they are made with natural palm wax, cotton wicks and reusable tins. They don't put any additives or dyes on them, that's why they are only white, which I like.
    They come in a little cardboard box which it's recycled, and she always writes you a personal note thanking you for ordering from her.
    I live in Portugal, and the store it's in Pittsburgh... It only took 3 working days for my candle to arrive, that's amazing! When I received the packaging I could smell the scent through the box which was lovely.

    In the evening, whenever I finish my workout and before I take a shower, I light up this candle in my room. After I finish my shower and I go to my room to put on my moisturizers and clothes, it's just filled with this gorgeous earthy scent that makes you feel more relax and calm. That's my little ritual with this candle. I've been burning it everyday since I got it and it's still in a pretty good shape, next month I'll definitely buy more.

    If you want to check out her Etsy store go to this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WAXdrop 
    Keep in mind that they sell really quickly, that's why she doesn't have much more scents in stock!

    If you want to check out her facebook page for updates on her store, you can click here.

    Which are your favorite scented candles? Do you have a favorite store like me? I would love to know more cute stores like this (:
    If you love candles as much as me, I recommend you to check out WAXdrop, you will not be disappointed!

    October 15, 2010

    Rambling about beauty blogging (:

    I've been much more "complete" since I started to blog more. I love to write. Portuguese and English were always my favorite classes! Now I'm in college studying for something that never involves writing, just programming and data base... so I was a bit miserable not be able to write as much as I did in high school. I have notebooks and journals that I write everything I'm feeling or every poem I want to write, but I missed the sharing part.

    Cosmetics and fashion it's such a girly thing that I always been interested in since I was a little girl... and I love to share new products, reviews and hauls... I love it! Blogging is the best way to just share your thoughts and products... and learn!

    I comment as much as I can on blogs I love, because I truly appreciate the work and effort of the lovely people who wrote them! And you can see a lot of bloggers that really love doing this as much as I do! Some people might find this superficial because it's mainly about beauty, but it isn't! Some people like soccer, others hardware... others like to try clothes and cosmetics and help other fellow beauty junkies!

    I'm really sad to see a lot of the hate many gurus have to take, specially on youtube, I don't think I could handle it, I'm too sensitive. But even in the bloggers world, we can get hate sometimes, I never did I think because I don't approve anonymous comments (Let's just face it, the haters are always hidden behind their computers).

    Well, all this rambling just to tell you that every comment or view or follower that I have I appreciate so much! This beauty blog world makes me even more happy, and I feel like this is my own little thing (:  Everytime I have spare time I always like to read the blogs I'm following and try to comment and say what I think, it's something I really enjoy doing as much as posting!

    I'm sorry for this little rambling, I really wanted to share my thoughts with you guys and dedicate a post  just for this subject!

    October 13, 2010

    Benefit cosmetics Spree!

    My Benefit order finally came! As I said before, Benefit is my favorite make-up brand! I love everything they make, and the packaging it's so cute!! However, they're a bit expensive, so whenever I order from them, I never buy too much stuff. I usually order the kits they have, because it's a great way to try their products without spending a fortune!

    They always pack everything in such a lovely way! I love getting their orders! They always give you two samples and a season catalog!

    This time I got a sample of "Hello Flawless" powder foundation in the shade "Champagne" which is awesome because I'm really fair, and a "High Beam" highlighter.

    I wanted Bad gal Plum mascara for ages!!! I want everything that can bring out my eyes, and I've heard so much good things about this mascara I had to buy it! I'm still yet to try it out, but if I like it that much or hate it, I'll do a review about it.

    The first time I saw this kit on the site, I wanted it. It's "Her Name was Glowla" kit and has a lot of products for me to try out! Here's the list:
    • CORALista coral-pink cheek powder 3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz.
    • high beam luminescent complexion enhancer 2.5 mL / 0.08 US fl. oz.
    • moon beam iridescent complexion enhancer 2.5 mL / 0.08 US fl. oz.
    • 5 shade eyeshadow palette 5.0 g Net wt. 0.18 oz.
    • BADgal lash mascara 4.0 g Net wt. 0.14 oz.
    • full size life on the A list lip gloss 5.0 mL / 0.17 US fl. oz.
    • fluff shadow/hard angle brush 

    I'm new to eye shadows, I never used one or have any colors in my collection. Honestly, I don't think I have the talent to do great looks. I love neutral colors so when I saw this kit with these beautiful neutral colors, I had to buy it so I can try those out. It comes with an instructions book which it's pretty helpful for me, so we'll see how my first experience with eye shadows will turn out :p
    It also has the Coralista blush which I wanted to try for so long! Can't wait to try all these things out!

    They had a promo going on when I bought these products, that when you bought over 50 dollars, 60 dollars and 70 dollars (I think) you'd get a cute bag from them. I got this one, it's really cute to take your make-up or brushes on the go!

    So this was my little spree form them, now they have a promo where you get a free speed brow when you spend over 50$!!! I have the link to that promo on the top of my blog if you want to take it ;) I really wish that promo was up when I made this order though, I would love to try that out \:

    I hope you liked this post, I will do a review about these items as soon as I try them out! xoxo*

    October 11, 2010

    Mini Footwear and Accessories Spree!

    Today I wanted to buy some boots, cute accessories and some clothes. But I didn't have any luck. I'm in those kind of days when I don't like anything I see. I've been really good with my money and with things that I really want and need so I just bought what I loved and that's it.. that's why it's a mini spree (:

    I bought these two pair of earring that I really love. I think turquoise jewelery looks beautiful with my skin tone, so they are definitely my favorites! The other ones are in a silver shade as well. Anything yellow gold looks awful on me. Silver, white gold, bronze or rose gold are the only options for me.
    I bought these two pairs on Bershka for 4.00€ each, great deal!

    (Without flash and with flash)

    I fell in Love with these boots from the first time I saw them! I'm tall so heels it's not an option for me when I'm buying shoes, maybe one day...
    I wanted black boots with a tiny heal that weren't knee length, (Who ever started that trend is crazy) so this was the perfect pair for me! They are super comfortable and good quality.  I bought them in one of my favorite clothes shop Stradivarius, for 40.00€.

    So this was my tiny spree, I bought some more things for my computer but that's just my geek side. I'll do an outfit of the day post wearing them so you can see how cute they are!
    I wanted to buy some vests and jackets but anything was appealing to me, and my boyfriend didn't like anything either :p I'm still on the hunt for some more boots and more clothes... We'll see next month ;) *

    October 8, 2010

    Tag: 10 things I love

    I was tagged by the beautiful Blushingloves to do a blog post about the 10 things I LOVE!
    So here it is in no particular order:

    1. I Love the Rain 

    2. I Love the fall

    3. I Love Green Tea

    4.I Love Honey

    5. I Love Ballet

    6. I Love to sing

    7. I Love cosmetics

    8. I Love my car :p

    9. I Love Christina Aguilera 

    10. I Love candles 

    (All pictures were taken of Google)

    I tag EVERYONE who wants to do this tag, sometimes we just want to do a blog post that can tell a little bit much about ourselves! If you ever do this tag, please tell me, I would love to know the 10 things you love the most (: I hope you all have a wonderful weekend **

    October 6, 2010

    Review: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

    Hi ladies (: I wanted to put up this review as fast as I can because this foundation and other one are part of my project pan, so I wanted to write something about them (Revlon Photoready will come in a latter post) before they're gone.

    I had this foundation for quiet some time now. I used it when I had horrible breakouts last year and it helped me a lot.
    But I just don't like it anymore. I think part of my breakouts were because of this foundation. 
    I start using Studio Sculpt and really liking the satin finish it gave me, it is long-wear so I would wear it to college and would last all day. After a week of using it, I started to notice my skin was a lot different. My pores were so large and I had dry patches all over my forehead. I stopped using this and my skin was back to normal.
    Months later, I had horrible acne scaring on my chin (I don't have it anymore,if you girls want I can make a post about it) and I was out of my Revlon Colorstay, so I used this and it covered everything perfectly.

    I use the Elf powder brush or my fingers to apply it, either way, I have to really blend the foundation into my skin or it would look horrible. I always used and still use a hand disinfecting gel on my hand before applying it.
    Another bad thing about this foundation... It transfers LIKE CRAZY!!! If I would kiss my boyfriend he would have foundation all over his mouth, it was so bad ahaha If I touched my face and then I touch anything else, it would stain everything!!!  It's really annoying... Even if I put just a tiny layer of it on my face, it will transfer to everything as well... horrible.

    (I have my camera back, it has a awesome quality but I still haven't figure out how it focus.. If you have a cannon, please tell me :s)

    I wear the shade NW20 and it's the perfect shade for me. Now, this is a gel based foundation, I wore this foundation mostly when I was on acne medication that made my skin really dry... so it wouldn't turn greasy on me... but now that my skin is back to normal, after some time I'll look like a grease ball (:  I don't set it with powder because it's just looks powdery and cakey, so I don't even go there.

    (The only thing that I have on my face (cheeks) it's MAC Shell Pearl)

    As you can see from the pictures above, the one without flash my skin looks all grainy because that's what it does to my skin after I wear it for more than a day. For the flash one, you can see that I settle into the smile line, so I couldn't smile the hole day.

    I don't have troubled skin anymore so I don't need to use this.. I don't think it photographs well, so even for night outs I wouldn't wear it. But I'll try to finish it because I paid 30 dollars for it...
    Overall, I wouldn't recommend this foundation to anyone. I think there's better ones out there. MAC does better ones than this... Maybe the Face and Body would be a better foundation.

    You can buy this foundation at any MAC counter and from MAC website for 29.50$.

    I'm sorry this is not a positive review.. but I really don't like it, it didn't work for my skin unfortunately.

    October 4, 2010

    Project 31 Pan!

    I never wanted a big make-up collection. It was never my thing. I don't want to have so much cosmetics that I have to throw it out or give it away because I'll never use it up.  I have too much perfume... every month I would buy a new one that in less than a week I would get sick of...
    I have this thing where whenever I feel bad, I shop. Mostly make-up and cosmetics, I'm sure many of you do it as well. I'm a full time college student, so money is tight.
    I look at my room and I only see perfumes, moisturizers, hair care products and lots of make-up... Every month I throw something out because I'll never use it! I don't want to do this anymore.

    Let's start by saying that I don't judge or say negative things about people who collects make-up and cosmetics. Everyone has it's thing... mine is Benefit cosmetics, Brigitte Bardot , True Blood and Music...so I collect everything from them. I have a ton on albums, a ton of Brigitte Bardot stuff and everything from True Blood or Charlaine Harris.

    But my problem is that I don't want to have too much things that I'll not use anymore, things that I just don't care for... So I picked up my cosmetics related notebook (I have a different notebook for everything) and I wrote everything that I want to finish. Then I remembered the Project Ten Pan thing that a youtuber started a while a go, and I want to do my version of it! 

    So in the notebook there are the 31 things I want to finish. I have make-up items, skin care, hair care and body care products. And I grouped them in sections: lips, foundation, perfume, moisturizers etc.
    For example, I have three perfumes that I want to finish, so when I checked the three perfumes out of the list, I can buy a new one, but this time a perfume that I really enjoy and I'll be wearing a lot instead of throwing it out. Whenever I finish my three lipglosses on the list I can buy new ones and so on (:

    I'll keep you updated of how it goes, I know I'll stick to the end because I'm really determinate to only keep in my collection products that I really like. Now keep in mind that I'll still buy from Benefit (On Friday I ordered some goodies from them) and I'll still buy things that I need or need to repurchase. So I'll be buying stuff but not stuff that I don't need. That's why it's a little different from the original project 10 pan. I have a passion for cosmetics so I couldn't be months without trying new products ((:

    This month I only order from Benefit (a really small order because they are so expensive) and I bought a John Mayer album (again, I collect this stuff).. Maybe I'll buy some clothes or jewelery because I spent so much money on make-up and cosmetics I neglected fashion so I'm needing some jewelery, footwear and jackets!

    If you ever did something like this or are doing something like this please tell me your experience and tips to not give in, I would love to know!

    October 2, 2010

    Favorite Lip Products: Lip glosses

    I'm doing a break from studying today so I can focus on my blog and see what you girls have been up to lately (: I've been super stressed with college and projects that I've neglected my beauty blog world for a little bit, so now with my green tea with ginseng and honey while listening to some music I'll post my favorite lip products part two: Lip glosses!

    I don't like lip glosses as much as I love lip balms and lipsticks, but I have a few favorites and as you'll see they almost have no color to it, because whenever I layer them with lipstick I like them to not change the lipstick color.

    Too Faced Lip Injection in Clear: I think almost everyone from the beauty world has this lip gloss, at least everyone who likes plumping glosses.
    This lip gloss is a bit expensive here in Portugal, is about 25 euros which I think it's a lot, that's why I'm always trying to save it :P
    I have it in clear, because, as I said before, I don't like lip glosses to change my lipstick color.
    For me, this thing really plumps your lips... I love the effect they make on my lips and how red they look. It stings a little, I can not wear this without a lip balm underneath because my lips are to sensitive, but the plumping effect is the same, thankfully. The shine will last you longer than the plumping... An hour tops, that's how much the plumping lips lasts on me. 

    You can check out more reviews and buy it here: Too Faced Lip Injection - Super Size (0.24 oz)

    Nivea Volume Shine Glacé in Candyfloss: Nivea has my favorite lip glosses. They are affordable and they have such good quality and awesome shades! My favorite is this one. It's a light pastel pink that makes any lipstick color lighter and even more beautiful. I don't think this has a plumping effect as big as the Too Faced Lip Injection, but this doesn't hurt your lips and because of it's shine and creamy formula your lips will look fuller!

    I tried to find international on-line store that sells this lip glosses but I didn't find any :s In Europe you can find them in almost every drugstore.

    Nivea Volume Shine in Volume Rose: I'm always going through tubes of this lip gloss. For me, is one of the best! Has a cute shimmer to it and plumps your lips like it promises without the irritated lips! It's a little bit sticky, but almost every lip gloss is anyways. As you can see from the pictures, I wear this a lot and I bring this everywhere, that's why the label is all faded!

     I didn't find this one is any on-line store like the last one, you can always check out the European Nivea site (:

    L'oreal Glam Shine 6h in Endless Light: This long lasting lip gloss is really good to hold the color of your lipstick too, but not 6 hours like they advertise. It has glitter on it, so after 3 hours all that will be left on your lips is glitter and chapped skin if you don't moisturize them. Even though this can be a pain in the booty, I really like the color, and it's the best applicator out there. Don't mind the applicator tips, it was supposed to be white but with the light it became red? 

    Didn't found this on-line either, that's weird, but check out at your local drugstore or any store that sells L'oreal!

    L'oreal Glam Shine in Juicy Rose Glow: L'oreal and Nivea always seems to be my favorite brands of lip glosses. They are cheap but have awesome quality! This one is gorgeous! A pale pink a little more deep than the Nivea one, but more pigmented. The applicator, is my favorite, even though I think if you have tin lips it would be a mess! It doesn't feel sticky on your lips and it won't make them chapped. I wear this alone or with any lipstick shade and it always looks gorgeous! If you have light hair and skin, use this!!! But I think this color will suit EVERYONE! 

    You can buy this lip gloss in any drugstore that sells L'oreal and on amazon here: L'Oreal Glam Shine Natural Glow Lip Gloss - 400 Juicy Rose Glow 

    H&M Rich Lip Gloss in Pale is beautiful:  Another pale pink shade. Even though isn't as pigmented as the last ones it still gives you a little bit color with a cute shine. It's super creamy and it lasts a fair amount of time for the price which is very cheap! H&M make-up has become something I've been liking a lot! I thought their quality would suck but their products are quit lovely.

    You can buy their make-up at any h&m store. I absolutely recommend it! 

    Zara Lip gloss in Rosa: Another lip product that I thought it wouldn't be that good, but it is! The shade is a deep pink with red undertones and shimmer. It's very pigmented and has a vanilla scent! It wasn't that expensive either and it lasts a good amount of time.

     This pictures doesn't show the true color it's much deeper in real life (:

    Yves Rocher Lipgloss duo in Rose and Brun: Yves Rocher has great make-up, but their lips glosses are out of this world! The formula and the shades are just beautiful! I've been searching for dupes and it has been an unsuccessful search! The pink shade just looks gorgeous! I think it would suit anyone. The brown shade is a little scary but once you put it one it became a beautiful bronze shade (:

    You can buy any Yves Rocher make-up on their website and catalog. If you know any dupe for these colors please let me know (:

    Such a huge post, but oh well, at least I did go through it all!

    Tell me which are YOUR favorite lipglosses, I would love to know! xx