October 15, 2010

Rambling about beauty blogging (:

I've been much more "complete" since I started to blog more. I love to write. Portuguese and English were always my favorite classes! Now I'm in college studying for something that never involves writing, just programming and data base... so I was a bit miserable not be able to write as much as I did in high school. I have notebooks and journals that I write everything I'm feeling or every poem I want to write, but I missed the sharing part.

Cosmetics and fashion it's such a girly thing that I always been interested in since I was a little girl... and I love to share new products, reviews and hauls... I love it! Blogging is the best way to just share your thoughts and products... and learn!

I comment as much as I can on blogs I love, because I truly appreciate the work and effort of the lovely people who wrote them! And you can see a lot of bloggers that really love doing this as much as I do! Some people might find this superficial because it's mainly about beauty, but it isn't! Some people like soccer, others hardware... others like to try clothes and cosmetics and help other fellow beauty junkies!

I'm really sad to see a lot of the hate many gurus have to take, specially on youtube, I don't think I could handle it, I'm too sensitive. But even in the bloggers world, we can get hate sometimes, I never did I think because I don't approve anonymous comments (Let's just face it, the haters are always hidden behind their computers).

Well, all this rambling just to tell you that every comment or view or follower that I have I appreciate so much! This beauty blog world makes me even more happy, and I feel like this is my own little thing (:  Everytime I have spare time I always like to read the blogs I'm following and try to comment and say what I think, it's something I really enjoy doing as much as posting!

I'm sorry for this little rambling, I really wanted to share my thoughts with you guys and dedicate a post  just for this subject!


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

I am happy you enjoy it because I love your blog! :) XX

Shout it said...

great, i love how you write things :D ehehe

good luck with all your work/study dear


Sam said...

you're blog's great and you have a great view on things :-)
much love, Sam xxx

Anna Saccone said...

Aww, you are so sweet! I love your blog and appreciate all of the comments you leave me :) I see YT comments as a different kind of thing, because a it takes a little more brain power to actually read a blog, hence they don't get as many hater comments...any idiot can watch a video and leave a stupid comment...you know? I don't know if that makes sense...LOL! <3

All Made Up said...

This as such a lovely post :)

I dont know how some of the gurus on youtube handle all the mean comments. I'd probably be in tears every day so I have a lot of respect for people who keep posting their videos just cos they enjoying doing it so much

Blogging is much more my style and like you I always appreciate it when people take a couple of minutes out of their day to read my ramblings and leave a little comment! :)


Mimi said...

i like writing too that's why blogging is a fun activity for me. you have a really cute laptop, btw! :D

<3, Mimi

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

You are such a nice person Marisa and I love when you comment and I love comment on your awesome blog too! And I agree it's more than just fashion and beauty. Overall, it's a really nice community with sweet people in it. I'm always astounded at the haters that youtubers get. It's pretty sad and like bullying sometimes. I wish these people would stop being so insecure and find something that they're passionate about.

Marisa said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments ladies, it means so much to me ((':

Monica @ BeautyParler said...

Ola! Keep doing what you love! I've been luck as I haven't received hate comments but I have a pretty thick skin so no worries. Keep up the great work. Beijinhos!

minnja said...

Thanks for sharing! I love it!



Ansa said...

Well said! I love reading your blog and really appriciate all of your comments. xx

kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing and love the post below - i love everything benefit x

veronicaa said...

What a great post!
I think you are a great writer after checking out your blog and I am following you for sure :)
Check out my photos from Fashion Jam : a fashion show put together for charity!
XO Veronica


I love blogging too, it really puts me in a happy mood to be able to share my thought, my dreams and things that i love to bits. Recieving comments from people who have similar views are even better.
I swear, every bit of free tim i get i come on here and try to view as many blogs as i can. I love it!!
One of my favourite Make up Guru's on Youtube is DulceCandy87, and i see the haters but what is inspirational is that people like Dulce don't let it get to them. I too am sensitive but i'm learning to grow thick skin and alot of blogs and youtube channels help with that!

Great post love.
As always

Anonymous said...

I like this post so much coz i also feel the same way... I just found your blog and i already like it, so i'm following, and im glad i did.

Marisa said...

@rositanegra - Thank you so much for you comment! You always have such sweet words, thank you (: <3

BottledBeauty said...

Your such a sweetheart and always leave nice comments. You have a great blog and I'm glad your in my "blogging world"!