October 22, 2010

Outfit of the Day & Blog Award!

I don't usually do these kind of posts because I don't have that unique or original sense of style. I just wear what I think looks good on me, even if it's out of style or even if it's too plain. I tried to do this post before, but I look so vain and full of myself in the pictures that I was too embarrassed to post them ahaha but oh well, I'm not vain or full of myself anyway, so who cares?!

 (excuse the pose, I was trying to show you the boots ahahaha see what I meant by full of myself? )

Sweater- Bershka
Jeans- Bershka
Jacket- Pimkie
Boots- Stradivarious
Bag- Misako
Earring- a local store from Greece 
Sunglasses- H&M
Fragrance: Curious by Britney Spears
Today was a simple day, I wanted to feel comfortable and warm. I have been with a sore throat that's why I had to wear this turtle neck sweater. This sweater it's perfect for fall because it's not too warm or cold. My favorite kind of sweaters are the long ones, so this is one of them. It's see through a little, so I had to wear a sports bra underneath it.I had to wake up pretty early and it was freezing outside, so this warm jacket was perfect to keep me warm. I like to dress comfortable but yet classy. I think the leather bag always adds up that chick feeling to my outfit, even if it's just a basic one. 
The dark washed jeans are my favorite pair actually, they are boot cut, so I had to tuck them into my boots! Bershka has the best and cheapest jeans out there!
In terms of accessories, you can't see it in these pictures, but I only wore these silver and turquoise earrings that were bought in Greece by my mom's friend, off-course I had to stole the earring from my mom, they are so cute! Then I just wore my everyday sunglasses, and the book I always carry on my bag has become an accessory for me too (:
I thought it would be cool to add my fragrance of the day as well! I don't really like this one, but it's part of my project pan, so I'm trying to finish this perfume and two more so I can buy the ones I really enjoy!  

I didn't wear any make-up, usually I like to wear just a little because I think we should always look our best, but I wasn't feeling so good.
And that's it! I hope you liked this post, I'll see if I'll do more of these later!

By the way, the lovely Rebecca tagged me with this pretty cool Award  for Versatil Blogger! That's pretty cool, Thank you so much!! She has an amazing blog where she posts Outfits Of The Day all the time! She has an unique sense of style and her blog is awesome! Go check her out here

I want to pass it to Steph, go check her blog too!

Have a great weekend <3 xoxo*


Steph said...

I love Bershka jeans. They're cheap, cute and fit well. Of course, as a bag-addict, I had to check out your bag and it's lovely. I don't know the Misako-brand. Never heard of it...
I think you look great. I especially like the black and white combination. That's always a win for me. You should definitely do more posts like these. People might get inspired by your looks :).

Anonymous said...

Agree with steph, love your bag. love the casual style look. you don't look cocky at all. please do more. love the sun glasses and earring. and the book also. Love it all.

All Made Up said...

I love this outfit... it's so simple and girly - kinda looks really pretty but without seeming like you've put in loads of effort.

The bag is gorgeous :)

Katie said...

I like your outfit! I don't have a very unique style either but I still do these! :)


Taya said...

love your blog))
i will read you)


Ariadne said...

O que importa e termos uma boa relaçao com o nosso guarda roupa e saber quais sao as peças que mais nos favorecem,a partir dai o que esta na moda ou nao e secundario.Tu para alem de bonita,escolheste um look bastante bom,fica te bem.
Agora estou a seguir te,obrigada por me seguires tambem!
Bjs,bom fim de semana!!!

Ariadne said...

Tentei te seguir umas 3 vezes..nao deu,eu vou voltar e seguir...

Steph said...

Ahhhw Thanks :)

Ansa said...

Gorgeous outfit. Love the boots. xx

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Yeah Marisa, an outfit!! You look great and not vain at all but I know what you mean. I feel so foolish and silly posing for photos. Sometimes it helps if you take detailed shots instead of just full poses.

You look so great too, very Bardot-esque :) How is that book, I think I might want to try it.

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Oh and thanks for the link!!

Marisa said...

Thank you so much for your comments girls! I was a little apprehensive to do it, but I'll do more of these now :D

@Rebecca- The book it's awesome! It's old so it's written in a more old-fashioned way, and instead of focusing on only Brigitte Bardot, it talks about the French cutler at the time as well, it's entertaining and cultural at the same time (:

Anonymous said...

You look lovely! Your OOTD is great! Thanks for visiting my blog pretty lady!

Nuheila said...

Lovely basic outfit!Hugs from Morocco<3


Ariadne said...

Hoje ja te consegui seguir!!!
Bom fim de semana!Kiss.

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Oh wow! I love your bag hun. Lovely outfit too ;o)

Caitlin said...

you're simply stunning dear, and that outfit looks amazing on you! I love the boots!

Alexandra said...

Nice outfit, I actually prefer casual looks too. Do more ootd posts, you look lovely

Anna Saccone said...

Yay!! I loved this post! Please do more like these, your style is lovely and chic! You look amazing! I completely understand what you mean about posing, but everyone looks vain and full of themselves when posing for the camera...it's kind of unavoidable you just have to take it with a pinch of salt ;) All in the name of blogging!!! Ha ha ha <3

Anonymous said...

Oh its a wicked outfit fabulously put together

Shout it said...

berska <3 sempre eheheh


Shout it said...

ai querida desculpa n te ter avisado :S eu tenho-te nos meus links da sidebar... n tenho botao de follow, tenho RSS do blog (acho que dá pra meteres na sidebar do teu blogger (acho!!!!))


Shout it said...

o verniz da h&m ainda n descascou nem 1 nikinho!!!!


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Love your blog - really unique and fun to read. Will defo be back! Love TBAG xx

Vyile said...

love your blog, you are so pretty (as usual)...gorg hair!:)..great makeup..love it all! I always read your new entries:)

Have a great weekend!

check out or even follow my blog at:



i always love your posts, they are so cute! you should do little outfit posts more often, i like what you are wearing, it is something i would usually wear right now in the cold :)
luckily the days are getting warmer here, i can't wait for summer!

Much love.

Pippa said...

I felt exactly the same when I first decided to outfit posts because i felt that i was only wearing things that flattered me and no one would be interested :)
But your posts are cute and i love the winter look :)
www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

jadore said...

The outfit is cute, and you dont look full of yourself!!

Miranda said...

Gostei de descobrir o teu blog! És realmente bonita, as tuas opiniões são interessantes e o teu inglês é óptimo!! vou seguir-te!

deixo-te tambem os meus links para conheceres: fashionmarketslove.blogspot.com

um beijinho!
seguidora Miranda