October 19, 2010

Review: WAXdrop Candles

As I said before, I love candles. I think that it doesn't matter how moody or sad you are, if you light up a candle, it just makes you feel better. Especially scented ones.
Here in Portugal there aren't that many companies that sells GOOD scented candles, it's very rare... So I've been searching online for some candles that would be scented and not so expensive. I didn't find anything! Some people on youtube are advertising some companies, but their shipping prices are scary, so I gave up.

Until I saw a video of TheBombshellSuit talking about her friend's candles, and I had to check out her store.
I was in Love! The scents were fun and original, and the candles were so affordable and the shipping rates as well!

So I ordered just one candle, I wanted to try them before really committing to them. I order the scent "Bamboo Rain" which she describes as "A calming scent of bamboo, crisp green foliage topped off with notes of a light sexy musk and downpour of fresh rainfall. Extremely soothing and sensual." 
I don't like food scents on candles because they just make me wanna eat more, my favorite scents for perfumes and candles are musky, oriental, floral and earthy scents. This candles it's definitely an earthy/floral scent with a hint of musk to it, I love it!
The scent it's not overpowering at all. You don't even have to burn the candle to feel the beautiful scent... It lasts a long time in my room and the candle burns really clean.

I love how simple and beautiful the candles look. That crystallized look to it it's just gorgeous! The best thing about them it's they are made with natural palm wax, cotton wicks and reusable tins. They don't put any additives or dyes on them, that's why they are only white, which I like.
They come in a little cardboard box which it's recycled, and she always writes you a personal note thanking you for ordering from her.
I live in Portugal, and the store it's in Pittsburgh... It only took 3 working days for my candle to arrive, that's amazing! When I received the packaging I could smell the scent through the box which was lovely.

In the evening, whenever I finish my workout and before I take a shower, I light up this candle in my room. After I finish my shower and I go to my room to put on my moisturizers and clothes, it's just filled with this gorgeous earthy scent that makes you feel more relax and calm. That's my little ritual with this candle. I've been burning it everyday since I got it and it's still in a pretty good shape, next month I'll definitely buy more.

If you want to check out her Etsy store go to this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WAXdrop 
Keep in mind that they sell really quickly, that's why she doesn't have much more scents in stock!

If you want to check out her facebook page for updates on her store, you can click here.

Which are your favorite scented candles? Do you have a favorite store like me? I would love to know more cute stores like this (:
If you love candles as much as me, I recommend you to check out WAXdrop, you will not be disappointed!


Small Old Bean said...

This candle sounds delish lol! Made me laugh you saying you dont like food scented candles because they make you want to eat, sometimes I want to eat the candle it smells so good hehe!
Im a new follower, hope you can follow back!

elizabeth s. said...

I love Yankee candles.. especially the holiday scents! Lighting one makes all my stress melt away.



Miss*Kimmy said...

Love candles .. any kind!
Good idea to light it before your shower so when you come out it smells divine!

Marie said...

I love candles too, thanks for the review and link!:D

***** Marie *****

Marisa said...

@elizabeth- Have to check them out then :D

@Miss Kimmy- yes!! and because they don't take long to release the scent to the room, it's even better and more relaxing (:

Katie said...

I love candles! I love lighting one and then just relaxing in my room, I will have to check these out :)


All Made Up said...

these sound fantastic and I think they look really simple and pretty too.

I know it's dull but I'm a big fan of Yankee candles. They're pretty expensive so I dont burn them all the time but I love using cinnamon ones around Christmas time :)


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Sounds so nice :) I've burned through two and half 4 ounce candles this month already because you're right I always feel better when one's lit! My favorite is Leaves (smells more like apple cinnamon cider) by Bath & Body Works but I'm burning Holly Wreath from the same place right this moment :) Yeah, I can't wait for Christmas, haha.

Marisa said...

@Rebecca- I wish we had a bath and body works in Portugal, they have such cute things! Especially candles!

Ansa said...

I love Yankee candles and right now I am loving any pumkin/cinamon type of candles to put me in the mood for fall. This candle looks so cute though. One to put on my "to buy" list. xx

Phoebe!x said...

Oh wow those candles look really good and good thing about reusable tins!

check out my blog and bare escentuals giveaway!


Boutique Amelia said...

I absolutely love the Bath and Body Work candles. My favorite is "Margarita Island", you have to try this one, the scent is strong and sssooo good.


Supergirl said...

I love candles too:) These look gorgeous:)


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