October 2, 2010

Favorite Lip Products: Lip glosses

I'm doing a break from studying today so I can focus on my blog and see what you girls have been up to lately (: I've been super stressed with college and projects that I've neglected my beauty blog world for a little bit, so now with my green tea with ginseng and honey while listening to some music I'll post my favorite lip products part two: Lip glosses!

I don't like lip glosses as much as I love lip balms and lipsticks, but I have a few favorites and as you'll see they almost have no color to it, because whenever I layer them with lipstick I like them to not change the lipstick color.

Too Faced Lip Injection in Clear: I think almost everyone from the beauty world has this lip gloss, at least everyone who likes plumping glosses.
This lip gloss is a bit expensive here in Portugal, is about 25 euros which I think it's a lot, that's why I'm always trying to save it :P
I have it in clear, because, as I said before, I don't like lip glosses to change my lipstick color.
For me, this thing really plumps your lips... I love the effect they make on my lips and how red they look. It stings a little, I can not wear this without a lip balm underneath because my lips are to sensitive, but the plumping effect is the same, thankfully. The shine will last you longer than the plumping... An hour tops, that's how much the plumping lips lasts on me. 

You can check out more reviews and buy it here: Too Faced Lip Injection - Super Size (0.24 oz)

Nivea Volume Shine Glacé in Candyfloss: Nivea has my favorite lip glosses. They are affordable and they have such good quality and awesome shades! My favorite is this one. It's a light pastel pink that makes any lipstick color lighter and even more beautiful. I don't think this has a plumping effect as big as the Too Faced Lip Injection, but this doesn't hurt your lips and because of it's shine and creamy formula your lips will look fuller!

I tried to find international on-line store that sells this lip glosses but I didn't find any :s In Europe you can find them in almost every drugstore.

Nivea Volume Shine in Volume Rose: I'm always going through tubes of this lip gloss. For me, is one of the best! Has a cute shimmer to it and plumps your lips like it promises without the irritated lips! It's a little bit sticky, but almost every lip gloss is anyways. As you can see from the pictures, I wear this a lot and I bring this everywhere, that's why the label is all faded!

 I didn't find this one is any on-line store like the last one, you can always check out the European Nivea site (:

L'oreal Glam Shine 6h in Endless Light: This long lasting lip gloss is really good to hold the color of your lipstick too, but not 6 hours like they advertise. It has glitter on it, so after 3 hours all that will be left on your lips is glitter and chapped skin if you don't moisturize them. Even though this can be a pain in the booty, I really like the color, and it's the best applicator out there. Don't mind the applicator tips, it was supposed to be white but with the light it became red? 

Didn't found this on-line either, that's weird, but check out at your local drugstore or any store that sells L'oreal!

L'oreal Glam Shine in Juicy Rose Glow: L'oreal and Nivea always seems to be my favorite brands of lip glosses. They are cheap but have awesome quality! This one is gorgeous! A pale pink a little more deep than the Nivea one, but more pigmented. The applicator, is my favorite, even though I think if you have tin lips it would be a mess! It doesn't feel sticky on your lips and it won't make them chapped. I wear this alone or with any lipstick shade and it always looks gorgeous! If you have light hair and skin, use this!!! But I think this color will suit EVERYONE! 

You can buy this lip gloss in any drugstore that sells L'oreal and on amazon here: L'Oreal Glam Shine Natural Glow Lip Gloss - 400 Juicy Rose Glow 

H&M Rich Lip Gloss in Pale is beautiful:  Another pale pink shade. Even though isn't as pigmented as the last ones it still gives you a little bit color with a cute shine. It's super creamy and it lasts a fair amount of time for the price which is very cheap! H&M make-up has become something I've been liking a lot! I thought their quality would suck but their products are quit lovely.

You can buy their make-up at any h&m store. I absolutely recommend it! 

Zara Lip gloss in Rosa: Another lip product that I thought it wouldn't be that good, but it is! The shade is a deep pink with red undertones and shimmer. It's very pigmented and has a vanilla scent! It wasn't that expensive either and it lasts a good amount of time.

 This pictures doesn't show the true color it's much deeper in real life (:

Yves Rocher Lipgloss duo in Rose and Brun: Yves Rocher has great make-up, but their lips glosses are out of this world! The formula and the shades are just beautiful! I've been searching for dupes and it has been an unsuccessful search! The pink shade just looks gorgeous! I think it would suit anyone. The brown shade is a little scary but once you put it one it became a beautiful bronze shade (:

You can buy any Yves Rocher make-up on their website and catalog. If you know any dupe for these colors please let me know (:

Such a huge post, but oh well, at least I did go through it all!

Tell me which are YOUR favorite lipglosses, I would love to know! xx


Shout it said...

amei mesmo , tens imensos glosses eu so tenho 3!!!

Shout it said...

porta-te bem :P


Gaby said...

I love lipglosses! Great post =D

Anonymous said...

you use pretty much the same brands as I do. I have some of the same lip-glosses you do, actually. thanks 4 sharing =)

Sónia said...

opa um é azul outro é verde XD

Marisa said...

@Rita - I love these brands (: The quality is awesome and the price isn't too high (:

3ate4 said...

Shall have to check more Nivea lip products out then. Had no idea they did this volumising one!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I don't use gloss except in the summer. It's an Avon glazewear in a mauve that's been discontinued but I still have some backups. My fav. lip product though is Poppy Love lipstick by Avon :)

p.s. Didn't even know Nivea had gloss though I love the last one on you best!! Great glosses :)

Marisa said...

It seems like a lot of you girls didn't know that Nivea had glosses! They must expand their make-up brand to the us and uk because it's amazing (:

Alexandra said...

that's a really nice post, I also have the l'oreal 6 hours. And now i found out that zara has make up too, i didn t knew that

All Made Up said...

Lovely collection of glosses! I have loads of lip gloss but dont really wear it that often because i hate how my hair gets stuck to it if theres even a slight breeze outside! :)