October 18, 2009

Review: Some Lush Products

Hi Ladies!
I'm a huge fan of Lush, but I was accumulating so much stuff from them that in June I made a pause. And so last week I made my first order in three months! I must say, I'm really pleased with what I got.
I've used up some Lush items, so I thought I could give you a short review on some of them in one post, instead of making a single post of each one. There are some items that I will review in one post though... later (:

I'm going to start with the soaps!

(Picture credit: Lush.co.uk)

Honey I washed the Kids Soap: This one is very popular. It smells really like honey and toffee, when I got this I was always smelling this like crazy ahaha... I used this on the shower and I must say, even though is really moisturizing, it didn't lather at all, and the scent didn't linger on my skin after the shower. I was really disappointed about that.
I cut this into pieces (which was very easy, cause it's so creamy), and it lasted me a long time. I bought it from the uk Lush website, it had no cute honey comb on top, but that's okay (: Sorry I have no picture of it, I used it up.
I will buy this soap again, because I love the smell, but I will only use it on my hands.
For more about this product click here.

(Picture credit: Lush.co.uk)

I Should Coco:
This is my favorite now. The scent reminds me of pinacolada, it's so yummy that I'm always smelling this! I put this on my bedroom, and now it smells like coconut and pineapples!
Unlike the HIWTK, I should Coco lathers really well while being moisturizing too. It has some coconut bits which makes it less softer on the skin than the HIWTK, but I love it.
It has a pink and white color, it's really pretty, but can be a little bit messy, so keep that in mind while cutting it. It was a little bit more hard to cut, but I did it without any problems.
I know this is going to be a product that I'll always buy from Lush, I love it.

(here's a picture of one piece that I cut, sorry for the bad quality of the photo)

For more about this product click here.

This next product is a skin care product and one of my favorite Lush products! I never thought I would like it...

(Picture credit: Lush.co.uk)

Baby Face: It's a cleanser bar! I use it to remove make-up at night, and I must say, it's wonderful!
It has a herbal scent which I love... Cocoa butter, shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil are three of the amazing ingredients that Baby Face has.
I was really scared to use this at first, I confess. I have sensitive oily skin, so the idea of putting more oil on my skin was crazy for me, but I heard some reviews and I did my research, so I gave it a try. I'm glad I did. Believe me when I say that this thing removes ALL your make-up, even the long lasting ones. My studio sculpt foundation was horrible to take it off with other cleansers and make up removers, but with this, it was gone in a blink of an eye!
The way I apply it is very easy:
  1. I put a headband on my hair, so the oil don't touch my roots. I use the Body Shop one. You can buy it here.
  2. Then I massage the bar in to my dry skin, using the front in the nose area. And then massage with my hands. With this, the eye make up it's really easy to remove and it doesn't irritate your eyes.
  3. With a warm flannel facial washcloth by the Body Shop I take all the oils and make up. It doesn't leave any oil or make-up residue. You can buy the flannel washcloth here.
You really have to use some washcloth to take it off, I don't think that with just a cotton pad you can do the job.
This thing will last me for ages I believe! I keep it in a Lush massage bar tin, since I use it up my therapy massage bar.

For more about this product click here.

The last product is Silky Underwear - (I tried to upload a picture, but I don't know what's happening with this, it returns an error \: ) This is a dusting powder with a lovely Jasmin scent. It has cocoa butter, so it's sooo moisturizing. It's great for people with oily skin. I usually put this on my body, but the scent doesn't lingers too long on my skin, that's okay though. But the main job of this products for me, it's helping me sleep. I have insomnia, really bad insomnia. So I dust this powder on my sheets, pillow and teddy bear and pfff I'm asleep (: I don't know why, but the scent and the softness of this powder on my sheets really calms me down, and I fall asleep right away! I'll always be buying this, and I want to try the others scents as well. One down side to it, it's VERY messy. You have to be careful. When it came with my order, this thing was all over the place, so I never use this while traveling.
Fore more information about this product click here.

And that's it! I hope this reviews were helpful to you, any questions, please ask (:
If you have any Lush faves or any tips, feel free to comment, I'm always searching for new things (: *

September 27, 2009

Jessica Simpsom Make-up

I've been a Jessica Simpson fan pretty much my hole life. I love her music, her voice, her personality, her style etc.. And she always has flawless skin and make-up.
Over the years, I've been keeping all the products that she uses. And I thought I would share with you guys!
I know a lot of girls who loves her natural look, and A LOT of people asks which foundation does she use, which lipstick and the list goes on...
So here's what I got :

Face products:

La Mer cream
Lierac Thekoa face oil
Laura mercier foundation and tinted moisturiser
Giorgio Armani foundation Mac Face & Body Foundation Nars Balanced Foundation Laura Mercier Secret Concealer Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Laura Mercier Loose Shimmer Powder- Sundust Lorac cover up concealer Nars Multiple- Copacabana   
Eye products: Christian Dior eyeliner   Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler   Shu uemura mascara   Trish Mc Evoy eyelash primer Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier   L'oreal Voluminous Mascara  Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara- Chestnut   Chanel Eye Shadow Quadra- Spices   Scott Barnes Chic Pallette- Samba   Scott Barnes Illumieye Eye Shadow- Urban Legend Night Maharishi Chocolate  Scott Barnes Chic Palette- Honey   
Lip Products:
Mac Lipglass- Prrr 
Lorac Lip Polishes- Amuse Celebrate Beauty Delicious   Nars Lipglosses- Sweet Dreams Turkish Delight Scandal Pillow Talk   Nars Lip Lacquer- Chelsea Girls   Tarte Double Ended Lipgloss- Jake & Samantha  Mario Badeshu Lip Wax  Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy Lip Gloss- Meow   Scott Barnes Lip Slicks- Provocative  Suggestive Chanel Glossimer- Pin Up   Nars Lipstick- Honolulu Honey   Mac Lipstick- Half N' Half   Cargo daily lip gloss Trish Mc Evoy lip gloss Paul & Joe Lipglosses in BonBon Acidule  Now, here's the make-up looks, which her make - up artist go through every step, for that Jessica Simspon natural look.
• Jessica in The Dukes Of Hazzard Makeup by Mary Phillips
  Skin care: Epicuren face wash & scrub, Creme de la Mer, Shiseido Benediance Revitalizing Eye Cream and Laura Mercier skin primer over the Creme de la Mer. Foundation: Scott Barnes Cream Foundations in a mix of Chestnut and Carmel. Powder: Laura Mercier Powder in Golden Bronze, to set the foundation. Cheeks: Laura Mercier Powder in Sun Dust on cheekbones with Scott Barnes’ Chic Palette in Honey on the apples of the cheeks. Concealer: Stephan Marias concealer in Number 4, applied lightly under the eyes. Eye shadow: Scott Barnes Eye Ice in Glitterachi (a light, champagney color) as a base. Scott Barnes Chocolate eyeshadow was applied lightly in the creases and under the eyes. Eye liner: Styli-Style Flat Eye Pencil in Berlin was used on top lid and spattered in the outer corners of the eyes. Brows: Senna Blonde Brow Pencil and Senna Brow Fix in Clear. Mascara: Loreal Double-Extention in black and Maybelline Wonder Curl in black. Lips: Styli-Style Flat Lip Pencil in Left Bank and Sue Devitt Mini Stars Lip Pallete in Vega (for the look pictured); Chanel Glossimer in Pin-Up (for other looks in the movie).  •  And that's it! If you love her make-up looks, or if you're a fan, it's always good to know what products she uses to archive that natura flawless look. I loved the look on Dukes of Hazzard, so I thought I would share with you too (:

August 24, 2009

Review: Aqua Marina from Lush

I have been using this product for the last three months now, I'm glad it's almost over.
I used Nivea Young products for 4 years, I love it, but my skin got used to it, so I used Sea weed Body Shop Products and I loved it too, but I wanted to try other brand as as well. I'm a Lush Lover so I had to try their skin care products. I choose Aqua Marina because it has sea weed and chamomile, so it's perfect for sensitive skin.

According to Lush: "Aqua Marina is a gentle, calming but effective cleanser which is a joy to use. Like a pink mousse wrapped in seaweed, it feels so soft and wobbly that you'll want to play with it, rather than clean your face with it. Smooth it on, rinse it off and your face feels smooth, smells sweet and looks brighter. It has calamine and aloe vera to soothe irritated skin, especially when you've been caught by the sun or the wind. The kaolin cleanses deeply and tightens your skin a little. Immediate result: smoother, softer and firmer skin straight away. Long term result: using Aqua Marina will help to detoxify your skin and protect it from the wear and tear of daily life."

It does clean your skin and make it smooth, but I wasn't impressed at all.
First of all, I can't get over the smell! I've been using this for three months and I really can't get over it. I thought I could, but I can't. In the beginning, I was gaging ahahaha I'm not kidding, I had to hold my breath while using it.
Once you get over the horrible smell, and the weird looks, you're ok.
Even though I couldn't take the smell I still use this because it made my pores look less noticeable. It doesn't itch my skin which is great, because I have really sensitive fair skin. But if you have oily skin, I will not recommend this, especially in the summer. I have oily skin in the summer and oily/dry skin in the winter (Best of both worlds). If I use this in the morning, in the evening my skin looked oily and messy even with a mineral powder foundation.
Plus, Aqua Marina it's not a make up remover. I tried to take my make -up off with this and it as impossible.
I used this cleanser with Tea Tree water Toner from Lush too, which I'm not that impressed either.

If you would like to see more information about the product you can visit their site here.

Overall, it's not a bad product, but for my skin it doesn't work, and the smell it's a huge turn off for me.
I won't buy it again (: But I love Lush still!


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August 18, 2009

Review: Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair

Hi ladies! I'm sorry for being away, but I was in a family trip at the village that my family grew, we go there every year. I'm going to show you the view I always see since I was a baby in my grandmothers house (:

So today I will share with you one of my favorite hair products. I never used too much things on my hair, just the usual, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Since I was a little girl, I always had plain flat straight hair. Not matter how I cut my hair, it was always the same, straight. But since I was 16 years old, I start to notice some cute waves which gave me more volume, but I didn't like it, don't know why. So I started to use a flat iron on my hair EVERYDAY to keep it straight. I stopped that, I started to embrace my natural waves.
I love the wavy beachy look, I think it's fresh and cute. And this product gives me the PERFECT beach look.

Basicly, Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair it's a cream paste that holds your hair without that gel oily look, instead it gives your hair a matte finish. It has a strong hold, but it will not be heavy on your hair, it's really natural because of it's active igredients that nurishes and treats your hair while it styles it. It will give you a nice volume and definition, it depends on the texture of your hair or the style you want.
It lasts all day without losing it's power.
I have been using this product everyday, I'm in Love with this.
You only need a pea size amount, you rub it between your fingers and apply to your hair while it's slightly wet.
It will not make your hair oily, trust me, I have oily hair and it is fine.
I live near the beach where all the surfers go, and they all use this, men and women.

Before I went to the beach I took some pictures of how it looks on my hair. Because I was going to the beach I over done it, for that surfer girl hair look (:

So, this is my review, if you have any questions or tips, feel free to comment below :D

As promised, I will show you the beautiful view from my grandmothers home :

This river is called Rio Zêzere, since I was a little girl, this view only changed once, when there was a fire in 2005 and we all though we were going to lose the house and the view, but 4 years has past, and the view looks beautiful again, especially in the summer days (:

August 6, 2009

Review: Hair color Garnier Herbashine

Hi ladies!
Today I'm going to do a review on my latest experience with hair coloring!
I'm not going to lie. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a brunette. But I was born butt white with freckles and blond hair... So forget it, nature isn't on my side.
Two years ago, I dyed my hair dark brown... It was awful, looked really bad on me, so I just let the blond in me be.
I'm always coloring my hair in different shades of blond. I can't be with the same hair two months straight! I just like to give it low or light highlights or dyed it in the hundred different shades of blond out there.
I don't like to color my hair in salons, I did it for many years, it was a wast of money and time. I've been doing it myself at home for two years and I'm a pro now ahaha But I'm a natural blond, so for me it's okay to do this at home, but if someday I'll want to dye it brown or red or whatever color, I'm not going to do at home... So a tip, if you're going for a dramatic change, and you're not familiar with box hair coloring, don't do it at home.

I have light blonde hair ( not naturally), but in the summer I wanted to go darker! With my fake tan it would be perfect! So I choose the newest hair dye Garnier Herbashine in the shade 810 Ash Blond (It's like 2 shades darker than my natural hair).
Basically, it's a non ammonia hair color that will work in only 10 minutes! I never tried the 10 minutes hair color so I was curious about it.
The smell was good, it didn't feel itchy on my scalp, the consistency was a bit runny but that's okay.
I left the hair color on my hair for EXACTLY 10 minutes. Not less not more... It was 10 minutes. Inside the box, said that the longer you wait, the darker your hair will be, so I waited for 10 minutes only.
Guess what?
My roots were LIGHT BROWN... and the rest of my hair was exactly like the girl on the box. The darker roots like Whitney Port are really gorgeous and natural for me, so I didn't care about it, overall it came out a natural pretty color... but... My roots will eventually grow... and what the heck will I do when my roots are much lighter than my hair??? This exact thing happened to me when I dyed my hair brown, so next month I will have to dye it back to normal...

Overall, I recommend this hair color especially if you have darker hair. It provides a fast application, and natural results without damaging your hair. I'll probably buy it again next summer!
I have tried better hair colors, like Revlon Colorsilk and my favorite Garnier Nutrisse! The first one doesn't have ammonia too (:

A picture after I dyed my hair:

(The light isn't that good here, in the sun it looks more lighter, and in the dark looks like a dark/medium blond on top and light ashy blond on the bottom)

If you have any question, feel free to ask. You can visit Garnier Herbashine site HERE .

Thank you!!