December 7, 2010

Do You Have a Fragrance that Describes You?

As women, we all (or most of us) love to wear fragrances as much as we love to wear some fashionable clothes. I'm that kind of girl that when I forget to wear my fragrance I feel naked and weird.
I have a lot of perfume, well, not anymore because I'm trying to finish up some fragrances and only have to ones I really enjoy wearing, so I used to have a lot of perfume, because it was fragrances that I bought out of a spare moment, in weeks I would get sick of the smell, plus some of them didn't feel like me.
Some of us prefer sweet scents, others floral, others fruity and floral etc Usually we like the scents  that suits us best at some point of our lives or even we wear the same for the rest of them...

In my teenage years I loved the sweet vanilla perfumes, I wore the infamous Britney Spears Fantasy throughout my three high school years, then on my two first years at University I wore Jessica Simpson Fancy everyday and it's a sweet vanilla scent as well. Now I can't stand those two perfumes, and I don't think they represent me at all anymore. Since the beginning of this year I've been loving floral, earthy and musky scents with a hint of sweet notes. At this point of my life, fragrances like that would represent me and my state of mind.

Christina Aguilera signature fragrance is the one that suits me best right now. Even the bottle says it all. The first time I used it I felt really good and it kind of gave me luck? :P
My boyfriend and some friends even commented on the scent and how it suits me so well, so when you and other people have the same opinion.... it's a keeper!

Top Notes: Tangerine, fruit sorbet and blackcurrant tea.
Heart Notes: Jasmine, peony and plum.
Base Notes: Musk, amber and vanilla.

It's a fruity/floral musky scent with a hint of creamy vanilla as a base note. On my skin when dried down, I definitely feel the amber and the blackcurrant strongly. This fragrance really makes me feel like me (: It's a strong fragrance, nothing that will suit a teen I think, maybe more mature women on their 20's or above! She has other fragrances that are my favorites as well, but this one, is the one that in the last year touched me the most.

Most people talk down celebrity perfumes, I feel like I identify the most with them because there's a story behind them, and there's a personality that we can relate to it, that's my opinion.You all know I'm a BIG Xtina fan since I was 9, but never thought her scents would suit me so well... I have this little bottle since last year and I'm trying to save it... It's really hard to get one of these, even online... And with my project pan, I only wear this on especial occasions (Last time I wore it was on my bday October 27th), I can wait to finish all the perfumes that I'm not so interested in and start wearing my signature ones every day and night!

So I want to know if you have any signature perfume? Any fragrance that you love and think that it describes you at this moment of your life? Or maybe you're not a fragrance freak like me... either way I want to know!


KawaiiFreakxXx said...

Niice :) for me it would have to be j'adore by dior, I think it describes me quite nicely :D It's my signature scent so when people smell it, they think of me!

Anonymous said...

I never smelled that one, I believe. I like Angel and Light blue, so everything that smells like that I like. I wear others too, more floral and soft ... but apart from Jessica Simpson's I don't own any celebrity perfume. My sister has fantasy and I find it to strong.

Marley said...

I love Warm & Cozy from the PINK victoria secret line. I get lots of compliments on it, but never heard that it suits me... hmm, maybe I should keep looking :)

beckiangel44 said...

I used to have Curious by Britney Spears when I was younger, I have so many perfumes now it's unreal! at the moment though, Hugo Boss Orange is my signature smell :) xo

Steph said...

My favourite is Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. I absolutely love it. It's elegant, sophisticated, sexy... everything a woman wants to be.

~Caro~ said...

I have to admit, that I never tried out the Christina Aguilera perfume yet! My signature perfume has got to be D&G The One !! I love that heavy scent but I only wear it at night! :D


Alexandra said...

i think i remember the scent of Aguilera's perfume, it's a nice one. I personally prefer fresh-sweet-elegant perfumes, i love Chopard for example and I'm not a fan of heavy scents ( i had a Coco Chanel and even though everyone was complementing the way i smell i felt very uncomfortable wearing it so i gave it to my mom)

Ansa said...

This souns amazing. I think I"m mostly attracted to very sweet smells but lately I have enjoyed the likes of light blue, cool water, and Angel. I have to say I'm still very much a sweet smell lover such as Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. :)

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Going to have to smell this one! I don't have a signature scent, I get sick of them fast too but I like really woodsy, musky, floral scents. They're a bit rare in the perfume world...or at least they're more on the high end range because popular perfumes are often more sweet but I love something that lasts :)

Steph1990 said...

Nice! I love perfumes :) I wore Fantasy by Britney Spears for a long time, and still do sometimes!My boyfriend always compliments me when I wear it :)
I tend to alternate between Lady Million by Paco Robane and Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Pink Coral at the moment. But I also LOVE Angel (I always forget who it's by though!)
I recently blogged about these two if you were interested :)

Shout it said...

ai ai a xtina e os seus perfumes lindoes ne *.*


Alina A. said...

I always like changing my perfume. Now I`m using Daisy by Marc Jacobs.xx

Anna Katrina said...

i want to find that one and only scent that describes me but right now i am still in the search for one :)

stop by sometime<3