November 14, 2010

Jeans - How to Find the best fit for your body

Hi ladies! Yesterday I did a post on about body shapes and jeans. I did my research and I gave my personal input to what I think would look best for different body types. I liked the post so much that I thought I would post it here as well!! I know many people still don't know how to find the best jeans for their body and I think that it is something very important.
The JS Collection (Y'all know I love me some Jessica Simpson right?:P) just launched a new denim line so I thought I would give you examples with some jeans from their line. No, I'm not being sponsored by them or anything. I tried their jeans and I loved the fit and their quality... While writing what I thought was best for any shape I realized that she had the perfect pair of jeans for any body type.
Remember that I'm no stylist or have any fashion degree, this is what I think looks best in every figure. I have an Hourglass shape, my mom is a Pear shape, my sister a Banana Shape and my best friend an Apple shape so I know what looks best in them and I know what works for me. 
I’m going to explain the characteristics of every body shape and guide you thorough the best choices of Jeans wear for your body type while showing you what jeans will fit you best on the Jessica Simpson Collection.

The Apple Shape -  Broad shoulders and narrower hips, usually women who have this shape have a big bust, smaller bottom and shapely legs.
With this shape, you want to draw attention to your best features which are your bust and legs. You want to elongate your legs with a Boot Cut jean that will give you a long and lean look. Low and medium rise are the best for this body shape, don't go too high on your waist or it will loose the effect and make your proportions unbalanced. Pockets are a must to an apple shape figure because it will give an illusion of a fuller bottom.
From the JS Collection I choose the Paparazzi Insignia Boot Cut jeans which are low rise with a flattered leg. Because it has a lighter wash through the leg it will accentuate your legs perfectly, giving you more shape and definition. The black detailing on the bottom packets are the cherry on top for a more curvy and balanced look.
The Sunset Boot cut Jeans are a great choice for the apple shape figure as well. They are low rise and because of the cut and wash, they have an elongating effect on the legs. The back pockets are accentuated so your bottom will look bigger, just want you want as an apple shape figure.
Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones have an Apple shaped figure.

The Banana Shape Shoulders and hips have the same measures with a little waist definition. Flatt bottom and bust and thin legs. It can be called the straight or sports shape.
Flared, skinny and Boot cut jeans are the best for this body shape, because they will hug your bottom adding curves and definition. If you have a small waist, low rise jeans are really flattering, but if you have a more long waist, choose a higher rise. Light jeans or even jeans with a lighter wash that fades along the thighs are the best to make them look fuller. With this shape, any type of bold details and pockets are essential to make you look curvier, so play with it.
I think that if you have this shape skinny jeans are always a must! From the JS Collection I choose the Forever Skinny jeans, with a flattering light wash and simple detailing, perfect for thin or fitted legs. The Ingenue Ankle Zip Skinny jeans are perfect for the banana body type. These gray washed jeans with a lighter wash going through the leg are stylish and bold for a more edgy look. The zipper only adds more detailing to the look which is always great for this shape.
Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth and Kate Hudson have a banana shaped figure.


The Hourglass Shape – Bust and hips are almost the same size and waist is narrow. From all the body shapes, this is the more balanced. For this figure, the best jeans are the ones that will draw attention to your waist which is the smallest part of your body, so you want to emphasize it. Boot cut jeans with a stretch denim are perfect for this body shape. Because this figure is already balanced you can go with almost every design of jeans out there, but you have to be careful and always play up your curves, so straight cut jeans are not the best. Also, if you are a bigger hourglass shape don’t go for skinny jeans and low rise jeans it will make you look bigger. If you are more of a slim shape skinny jeans or jeggings are a really good pick.
From the JS Collection I choose the Celebrity pearl hear boot cut jeans, they are low rise and really figure flattering. The detailing on the back pockets are perfect to show up your curves. The darker wash color is best for more fuller figures. The Kiss me Jeggings are just perfect for this body shape, they have a stretch denim that will hug your body where you need the most while showing your beautiful curves. The leg is super skinny so it will look best in a slim hourglass shape.
Celebrities like Scarlett Johanson, Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian have an hourglass shaped figure.

The Pear Shape Hips measurements are bigger than the bust. Women with this type of body usually have a small bust and narrow shoulders but bigger hips and thighs.
The best jeans for this body type are the ones that will balance the ratio hips/bust so a dark wash boot cut jeans or a flared leg cut would be the best choice. Remember to always choose a dark wash and avoid any detailing on the bottom or the leg, because it will make your bottom and thighs look bigger. Medium rise jeans would be the best for this figure, or a fitted low rise. High rise jeans will be best if you have a bigger tummy because it will conceal it.
I choose the Vintage Flare Jeans from the JS Collection in the darker wash, it has a flattering cut that will shape your legs and they don’t have much detailing which is what you want if you’re this shape. The Hollywood Boot cut jeans are especially good for this body shape because it’s very figure flattering. The dark color it’s a must for any pear shape and the classic boot cut it’s just perfect. Even though it has detailing in the back pockets, they are dark and you can barely see them , that’s why these jeans are so perfect for any pear shape!
Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys have pear shaped figures

So these were my picks for every shape from the JS Collection. As you can see, the boot cut jeans are the most flattering for every shape, and they have a lot to choose from. Other stores that have really nice jeans are Bershka, Zara, H&M, Salsa, Miss Sixty, Replay etc you can always go to your favorite store and buy the ones that fit you best. Remember to always shop with conscience of your body shape. Balanced proportions is always what we are looking for.Work your jeans with a flattering sweater or top… remember to not wear a denim top if your wearing denim jeans and vice versa.

Tell me if you would like more posts like these! I really enjoyed writing this one and finding good jeans for every body type! I hope you're enjoying your weekend ladies! xoxo*


나니 said...

Ugh! I love this post, but I personally HATE wearing jeans : ( They're always so tight and make me feel so fat. lol. I prefer leggings that look like jeans. The material is a lot more forgiving and doesn't stick to your skin the same way : D

Marisa said...

@Line- You can always choose a stretch denim! They will hug your body and not make you feel uncomfortable! Jeggings are a great option for girls who don't like jeans too (:

Alina A. said...

great post! this is so useful. I`m always staying ages in stores when I have to buy jeans.xx

Steph said...

I also have an hourglass figure and I find it very hard to find the perfect pair of jeans. Usually, they fit well on my thighs, but horribly on my hips. Not being very skinny and having a big behind doesn't help either. It's so frustrating to shop for jeans that I've just decided to wear more leggings, skirts and dresses. Problem solved haha.
Great post. You should do more of these ;).

Marisa said...

@steph - I noticed you have an hourglass shape like me! I have the same problem and I just get them tailored! Every single pair I own, I get tailored because it's perfect on the legs and butt and loose on my hips ugh

Gaby said...

I think I'm banana shaped... and I love skinny jeans =D Thanks for this very informative post!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Wow, so much work must have gone into this Marisa and it turned out so great! I read them all even though I'm a pear. I love what you had to say, and I love what Jessica puts out! It's actually really high quality and her shoes, even the heels, are the comfiest! I would love to see more posts like this :)

Alexandra said...

great post, i'm pear-banana i think

Marisa said...

Rebecca- Thank you! I spent a lot of hours writing and researching for this post, thanks for reading, I really enjoined writing it(:

Miss*Kimmy said...

This is a really comprehensive post! Great job. I'd say I'm the banana shape. Love the jeans too.

sonia said...

great post Marisa!!! love it!!!

sonia said...

es uma fofinha mulher *.*

Ansa said...

I love jeans. This is great. Very informative. xx

Mimi said...

hmmm, i think i am an apple or a banana, not sure... haha. ;) these are great tips though. :D

<3, Mimi

Ariadne said...

Estou a sortear um anel lindo,que tal participares?

Marie said...

Good post, informative!:D

The fit of the jeans is really important!:D

***** Marie *****

Hannah said...

Ooooh fabulous post! I am a pear. :)

Supergirl said...

Great post!!

Barclay said...


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Gertrude said...

Thanks for the tips!! :)