February 20, 2011

February Fashion and Make-up Haul: New Look, H&M, Bershka and MAC

Hi Ladies! It's been too long I know... School has been taking all my time which is a shame, but I'll try to catch on (:

I wasn't planing on buying that much this month because I bought a HUGE order of Lingerie from New Look, and I have to say that I love everything. Great quality, great prices... and cute bits!! I bought 4 sets of lingerie and it was about 60 euros with shipping included... If I would bought it here in Portugal it would cost much more since a bra it's like 20 euros.... I'm not going to show you what I've got, I don't think it would be appropriated (ahahaha) but you can check the New Look website here.

I went to H&M trying to find a cute and light cardigan for spring, and they had a lot of them! I was lost in there and wanted everything! They had beautiful navy blues and light pinks and grays that I couldn't resist... But I have too much pink and blue stuff so I got this light cream one for 20 euros in xs (They run bigger).

I never liked aviator sunglasses to be honest. I thought they would look awful on me and everyone had a pair so I always ignore them... Well, I love the show "Californication" and Karen always rocks a silver pair beautifully, so the show made me bought some silver aviator sunglasses ahaha they were 5 euros in H&M. Then I needed some basic long vests, so I went to Bershka and bought 3 cute vests for 4 euros each. I choose the size L because they run longer and are more flowy. I have a small torso and a big bust so choosing tops it's always hard, because they never fit perfectly, always too small on the bust and too baggy on the torso, I found that choosing a bigger size will balance things out more, so it's a great tip if you are like me (32C/D).

Mac is on of my favorite make-up brands. Great quality and colors, but they are REALLY expensive here in Portugal. They came out with some beautiful collections these past few months, especially Cham Pale and Peacocky Collections. I had the Eye Khol "I get no kick" in my head since December and I REALLY wanted it so I finally got my hands on one and I'm addicted! I use it for everything! Lining the upper and waterline, lining the lips, highlighting etc... It has become on of my favorite make-up items!
From the Peacocky collection I got a metallic eye shadow in "Top of the Posh" , a beautiful light metallic pink shade and Kissable Lipcolor in Enchantée which is a lipstick in lipgloss form. I'm loving all these products!!!!

I have been running out of my fragrances so a friend bought me the new Britney Spears fragrance called "Radiance". It's has a beautiful sweet yet floral scent which is quite light and flirty, I'm really liking this fragrance right now. The packaging is a little bit tacky for me, but it's the scent that counts and I love it, so no biggy!

This was my little haul of the month, I'm sorry I've been away. My life has changed a lot and I'm trying to fire out a lot of things and trying to focus more on College. I'm going to catch up on all your blogs right now and Thanks for all your sweet and empowering comments on my latest post, it really meant A LOT to me <3


Gertrude said...

Love the aviator sunnies! And the MAC lip colour looks really gorgeous! x

Bows and Pearls

Steph said...

I wish MAC wasn't so expensive. They have wonderful make-up, but the price is just way too high for a poor student like me lol. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 sharing

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Thanks for sharing, you got some lovely bits there. I love sunglasses and vests! Lipgloss looks nice too xx

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Yep, definitely missed you but you've picked up so many cool things- I want to see the aviators on!

johanna said...

awwww LOVE IT

Anonymous said...

ooh i love the makeup!

nice blog :-)

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follow back :-)

Marie said...

Nice haul!:D

Top of the Posh is a nice shade.:D

***** Marie *****