January 5, 2011

Show me how you BURLESQUE!

If you know me AT ALL you'll know one thing: Since I was 9 years old I am obsessed with Christina Aguilera. I know, it's not that interesting of a fact, but it's mine.
I remember the first time I saw her music video for "Genie in a Bottle", I was at my old cousins house watching mtv and her video came up... and I was hooked. Since then, I've collected every magazine, album, dvd, book, interviews and documentaries involving her. My friends at school called me Marysa Aguilera because I would be always singing her songs and trying to be her like every teen girl out there.You can ask me anything about this woman, I will answer you right away because I know... I still know every dance move she did on her videos and performances. I know almost every interview out there and used them a lot in school on my oral presentations because I love the way she talks and presents herself.
My boyfriend says I look like her (which I know I DON'T) because we have the same ways... I talk like her and move like her, it's really odd. I have seen so many things from her over the years that I have her ways now without even noticing, even the voice... it's really weird and I tried to changed it but I can't ahahah I guess I have grown watching her and admiring her so I picked up some things from her. All her albums helped me a lot, especially the album Stripped, her songs "Cruz" and "Soar" were my signature ones ehehe Now I can't choose a favorite, just don't ask me to do that ok?

Now that I gave you this huge introduction, I'm going to talk about her first movie "Burlesque". Today was my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend, and to celebrate he knew how much I wanted to see "Burlesque" but couldn't go before because I have finals... so he choose today and didn't mind coming with me to see this movie. I have to say, when the movie starts and Christina (Ali) talks I start shaking of happiness... Then she started to sing "Something's got a Hold on me" and I was glued to the chair.

The musicals were beautiful. The dance moves, the vocals, the instrumentals and the effects were gorgeous. Sensual girls dancing, beautiful music and background... you will left the cinema so inspired you will want to go home, put on a dark eye liner and a red lipstick and just dance on top of a chair!
All the actors and actresses were all very well known and did a great job, even Christina did really well! But I have to say that the star was Cher. Powerful yet graceful, Cher was back to her old days of acting and singing and gave her all. When the song "You haven't seen the Last of me" was on, you could feel her pain and hope, it was really emotional and beautiful. 

Even though the story isn't that original, it will give you a message of hope and that everything is possible, you'll just have to fight for it. It captured perfectly the feel and vibe to Burlesque, adding a a more modern vibe to it without taking it out of concept. Even if you don't like musicals, the image effects and mix of genre of music will catch your attention and you'll definitely be entertained.
I am a hard rock fan of Christina Aguilera but you can trust my word when I say you will not be disappointed!

I already had the soundtrack since the beginning of December so I knew the words to all the songs! It's a beautiful soundtrack that every musical fan should have! You can buy it on amazon like me, just click the image below (:

Burlesque - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

You can check out the official movie site with lots of downloads and information about the movie here!


Anonymous said...

One - you're way more beautiful than xtina. That is for sure.

second - xtina is not as strong as she seems. U are stronger than U think.

three - She is a hard working, professional, devoted person, so is a good thing to follow.

Acting like a bitch now and then to hide insecurities not so much. I bet THAT you don't mimic. I'll give the movie a go then ...

Steph said...

I also had the soundtrack before the movie came out, so I knew every word from every song. I loved this movie so much. The song and the performances were incredible!

나니 said...

Woah! I'm a HUGE Christina Aguilera fan as well - I used to have a fansite and all.. She's just so damn amazing! I really wanna watch the movie too! *_*

Miss*Kimmy said...

You do look like her! I still haven't seen this .. but will soon!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Good review Marisa! I haven't seen it yet but it looks like eye candy in the photos!! I'll definitely check it out and yes, you do look a bit like her, the bf is right :)

Ashley said...

Very cool that you've loved Christina for so long AND still do! My obsessions from years past have long faded away...good thing, since they were Donkey Kong and Pokemon. I'm a nerd!

I have yet to see the movie, but I'm sure I'll come across it sometime! I saw the trailer for it and was impressed by how young Christina still looks. I like her so much better without all the heavy make-up, it's a shame she wears so much all the time.

~Caro~ said...

I have yet to see the movie, but it sounds awesome! :)

PS: Cruz & Soar are like my favorite C.A. songs too :D

Summer said...

thanks for the review i can't wait to see it!!!
thanks for your sweet comment-great advice!



♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Thanks for the review hun, I was undecided about whether to see it or not but I think I must after this. I'm sure my sister will come with me! x


Gertrude said...

Just gave you a couple of blog awards :) x

S and O said...

Oh what a great post I so want to see Burlesque now :D

Alexandra said...

i haven't seen the movie yet but i;m sure it's a good one, there are so many reviews about it and i also love aguilera
i actually think Christina'a natural hair color is like your hair color

Emma said...

Hi there!
I'm happy I found your blog! It's lovely! Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures and such great inspiration.. Keep it up darling!

Wanna be followers? Let me know babe!

Love from Stockholm!! xoxo!

..R May A.. said...

can't wait to see this :)
gorgeous post!! x

Alina A. said...

can`t wait to see this movie!xx


globetrotter said...

Lovely blog! I definitely want to see this movie badly and I adore Christina Aguilera as much as you do! :)
You're also stunning. :)

Hope we can follow one another.



oh wow, great review. it makes me so badly want to see it now haha. christina aguilera is beautiful, when i was also around the age of nine maybe younger i was obsessed with Jennifer Lopez and have been ever since :)

Eugenia said...

I love CA too!! I wanted to see her movie but I never to around to it!!

Supergirl said...

I want to see this film sooo much:)