September 19, 2010

Favorite Lip Products: Lipsticks

Hi Ladies! One of my favorite make-up items are lip products! Lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks are my favorite things to buy and try it on. I have a ridiculous collection of them, so I though I would collect my favorites and post about them. 
If I put everything in one post it would be too long, that's why I'm going to post about my favorite lip products in three parts: One for lipsticks, another for lip glosses and the last one for lip balms.

I'm going to start with Lipsticks. I love light pink lipsticks, I think they look best on me. A red lipstick can be too much to wear it everyday to college or work so a light lipstick would be perfect. I have five favorites right now so I'm going to go through each one with you.

Avon Beyond Color Lipstick- This lipstick doesn't have any color on it and it works as a plumping lip conditioner. It has a creamy texture but it doesn't go on the lips as smooth as other brands like MAC. I don't know if it plumps, I don't think so but it gives a nice shine to the lips. When you're feeling like go natural on the lips without using any lip balm you can go for this lipstick. It doesn't dry out your lips and lasts a pretty long time.

It is available at any Avon catalog (or the website) and on Amazon as well for 4.43$ only, so it's not at all expensive! 


Avon Beyond Color Lipstick in Party Pink- This is a light warm pink color which is very subtile for the lips. Again, wonderful for a more natural look or if you have bold eye make-up this color will complement them really well.  Even though is a light color, it's really easy to overdo it and you'll have strong nude pink lips, not good. I always find that with Avon lipsticks you have to be carefull while applying it. This lipstick has a matte finish.

M.A.C Angel Lipstick - If you are familiar with  MAC I think you know this color. I believe this soft pink shade of lipstick suits every skin tone, especially the cool tone skins. It has a frost finish so you can't overdo it like the Avon one, it's really smooth and looks gorgeous on the lips. It's long finish and not sticky at all, I love to wear it alone. This is the shade I'm going to use forever... I just know!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Wild Thing-  I never though I would use a bold lip color. I have fair skin so I always thought it would look awful on me. This shock pink lip color is gorgeous! It goes really smooth on the lips just link the MAC lipsticks, and it's not sticky. I have to put a light layer on my lips or I would look crazy!! But the sheer finish looked so good on me that this lipstick has become one of my favorites! This is a limited edition shade, so I don't think you'll find them on the stores, you can try ebay and Amazon at a really cheap price!

If you like pink shades of lipstick or if you're a lipstick junkie like me you should  try it! I found a seller at amazon who sells it for really cheap (:

Avon Color trend lipstick in Iced Champink-  I've used this color since I was a teen. I think this was the first lipstick I ever purchased, and I still love it!
It's not as pigmented as the other ones and it can be a little bit too much. But if you only put a layer of this on your lips, you'll end up with a pretty cool shade of pink!

I don't think Avon does this lipsticks anymore which is sad, but they have really cool dupes.

So this is my favorite lipsticks at the moment! I think in two months I'll have more because I'm always changing my mind! Next it would be lip glosses!!

Tell which are your favorite lipsticks! I always want to know good shades and lasting ones ((: 



Ansa said...

Those lipsticks are gorgeous. I love MAC angel too and also MAC hue, myth, flashpot and creme de nude to just mention a few. xx

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I like red-orange or berry-reds so my favorites are Poppy Love by Avon, Cha-cha for Mark, and Make Up Store's Dare (coral) and Alarm (reddish). A good beige pink one is Summer Angel by Rimmel.

Steph said...

I love red lipsticks, but, like you said, they're a little too much for a day-look. The first lipstick from Avon looks really nice. Plus, it's not expensive at all (that's always a plus haha). Maybe I'll try it ;).

Ariadne said...

Lovely post!


love your blog and all your posts! can't wait to read more hehe, my boyfriend wants my attention!


Lucy said...

This is a great post :)
I really like the Avon one in Iced Champink as it's really subtle but still a little bit different and very pretty!



Sónia said...

i love this one - M.A.C Angel Lipstick

you lips look gorgeous in the photo :D



Stay Beautiful! said...

Those lipstickd look amazing :) Love the colors :)

Marisa said...


Não consigo abrir o link do teu site ):

Beauty Addict said...

they all look pretty on you!